Activities Registration

To register for Girl Activities, Learning & Training or Family Events click on the Activities tab.

You can refine your search by using the filter located on the left. This allows you to search by categories including date, grade level, location, or type of event.

You can also look for a specific program by typing part of the name in the search box on the right side of the screen.

1) When you locate an activity you are interested in, click on the title of the program to read the description details and availability.
2) Click on Register Now
3) Next, select the members you want to register, and then click Continue.
4) Confirm registrants by clicking Continue again.
5) Complete Additional Information if required, click Continue This adds the registrations to your cart.
6) Either click Continue Shopping or Checkout.

Troop leaders – if you are registering members from your family and troop or multiple troops, payment for each cart will be processed independently (My Family, TroopXXXXX, TroopYYYYY) so that the correct credit or debit cards may be applied to each group’s registration.

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