Family Management

(Available to the designated Guardian 1)

Only one adult per family is designated as the family manager, which is the person listed as the Guardian 1 for your child in our system. Family Managers have the My Family tab. This means that you can see your family members’ records, update their information and register them for membership, print membership cards, and register for programs /adult learning. If family members are not showing on your account, contact the help desk and we will link your family members to your account.

Renewing membership is easy.

1) Click the check boxes next to the names of the family members you want to register.
2) Select Purchase Girl Scout Membership from the pull down menu above where it says “I Want To” and then click GO.
3) Follow the prompts to update /add information to the record, then pay for the membership at the end. Membership registrations are effective immediately upon payment.

The Family Events link will show you any programs or camp that any of your family members are currently registered to attend.

The Family Order History link will show programs and camp that have already occurred, up to the past year.

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