Ann Arbor laser light guys to light up night during Midland Girl Scout event

ANN ARBOR – The same laser-like precision Juliette Gordon Low relied on to build Girl Scouting will be used to highlight her achievements during a daylong celebration on October 20 in Midland to commemorate her birthday.

A laser light show created by Ann Arbor-based Illuminatus 2.2 will be the grand finale for the birthday celebration – the fourth of five events sponsored by GSHOM to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts. Known as the Fab Five, these events began in March in Lansing and will conclude in March, 2013 in Ann Arbor.

Steve Rich, an attorney based in Ann Arbor and a member of Illuminatus 2.2, said his team will set the mood and tell a story within a 30-minute timeframe.

“The show is part of the celebration of the founder and we are going to be making use of some graphics and stories that were made available to us,” Rich said. “Sixty percent of the show is artistic expression with lasers flying around the wall."

Diffuse pictures will be intermingled with faces, logos and words and blended with elements of the history and culture connected to the Girl Scouts.

Michelle Holmes, Program Specialist based in GSHOM’s Saginaw Regional Office, contacted Illuminatus 2.2 after seeing their website.

“Our committee said they wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before at a closing ceremony,” Holmes said. “They were very adamant about having a laser light show. We found out that Illuminatus was based out of Ann Arbor and we wanted to work with a company in Michigan.”

The laser light enterprise was founded by Mike Gould and Wayne Gillis in the mid-1970’s in Ann Arbor. Through the years they have hooked up with like-minded individuals such as Rich and the business now has a team of seven who create all manner of shows including those done at all-night Rave parties.

Rich fell in with the group in 2010 after meeting David Bloom, vice president of Hygieia, a Detroit-based business focused on the diabetes industry. Bloom has two grown daughters who were involved in Girl Scouts and programs the software that feeds the Illuminatus video projectors.

“David knew Mike and introduced me to him,” Rich said. “We were fast friends and had interests in common such as science fiction and technology. I’ve always been someone who enjoys building things.

“Essentially they needed another set of hands, someone who was technical enough to do what needed to be done and coordinated enough to carry stuff out of the wind.”

Rich’s entre’ into Illuminatus dovetailed with his effort to ramp up his legal practice to include clients who are inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians and artists.

When not practicing law, he is serving as the contact person for Illuminatus.

“It’s a learning curve that can’t be described in any singular manner,” Rich said. “Mike and Wayne have been doing this for a long time. They continue to innovate, they build new stuff and the learning curve starts again. It’s an ever-changing, wonderfully dynamic interaction.”

For more information about the Midland event logon to www.gshom.org or call (800) 49SCOUT.