Girl Scout License Plate Bill Reviewed

LANSING – Girl Scouts in Michigan are getting closer to having their organization immortalized on state license plates.

A bill sponsored by State Representative Pam Faris was reviewed on June 11 by about 15 members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. During the hearing two Girl Scouts, including Aliera Konett, a member of Troop 30533 in Lansing, made brief remarks about what Girl Scouts means to them, said Sally Albrecht, a membership specialist with Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.

Prior to the hearing Rep. Faris met with a group representing Michigan Girl Scouts.
“She talked about her experience in Girl Scouts and she talked about the importance of having more women in leadership roles, especially in the state legislature,” Albrecht said. “She was shocked that there was no Girl Scout license plate since the Boy Scouts have had one for years.”

Albrecht said Faris also spoke with the girls who attended about the government and how it operates.

“The girls got to see what a hearing is like,” Albrecht said. “They learned so much and even the young ones were just so into it.”

The Girl Scout license plate bill was introduced by state lawmakers on September 11, 2012 asking Michigan’s Secretary of State to approve the creation and sale of a license plate recognizing Girl Scouts of the USA, the parent organization for GSHOM. Proceeds from the sale of each license plate will benefit GSHOM and the other two Girl Scout councils in Michigan.

The hearing on Tuesday was the second one for the bill which is still in committee. A third hearing will be held before it’s passed onto the Michigan Senate. If the Senate approves it, the bill then goes on to Governor Snyder for approval.
Albrecht said the approval process will likely take a while. She said the design of the license plate will need to adhere to strict guidelines from both the Girl Scouts and the Secretary of State.

“All the girls were just so excited about the bill,” Albrecht said. “The girls said they couldn’t wait to get a car so they could get a license plate.”

In addition to Albrecht and Aliera, the hearing was also attended by Hannah Carson and Stephanie Lingo, both members of Troop 30533; Meghan Heiler, with Troop 30263; Katherine Heiler, with Troop 30375; ML Konett, assistant leader for Troop 30533; Terry Lingo, leader of troop 30533; Shawn Heiler, leader of Troop 30263 and 30375; Jim White, longtime Girl Scout supporter; and Jan Barker, Chief Executive Officer for GSHOM.