Make the World a Better Place Week

Girl Scouts who are part of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan will be walking the walk during a weeklong community service event from September 30 through October 6 dubbed “Make the World a Better Place Week”.

This particular week was chosen because it is also “Join Girl Scouts Week” when girls, parents and caregivers have the opportunity to learn all about Girl Scouting and why they should join.

“A big part of what we teach girls is the importance of community service,” said Jackie Bucsi, Chief Membership Officer for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan. “We thought devoting an entire week to volunteering made sense because it is a major focus for our girls.”

Girls, either individually or with their troops, will select a project which will make a positive impact on their community. Some of these projects will take longer than the one week allotted.

Planting flowers, repairing old and outdated signage and collecting and packaging Christmas gifts for children are among the projects which will be taking place during the week.

Bucsi said community service is encouraged at every stage of the Girl Scout journey.

“We think it’s important that our girls are introduced to community service no matter what level of scouting they are in,” Bucsi said. “For many of older girls and Alumnae, volunteering is second nature to them because they recognized the value of community service from a very young age.”