Cookies On Sale Now $4 per Box

LANSING – Girl Scouts in the Lansing area and surrounding communities are working hard to get Girl Scout Cookies into the hands of everyone they come into contact with.

Cookies are $4 per box and all proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program remain within the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan council, which includes the Lansing area, to support their girls. As an added incentive customers who purchase five boxes at one time will be entered into a drawing to win a case of cookies of their choice.

“Troop proceeds belong to the troop and may be used for troop activities or products to benefit all members of the troop with educational opportunities for girls and adult volunteers, and the support, maintenance, and enhancement of our camps and other facilities,” said Stacy Jenkins, GSHOM Product Specialist.

GSHOM operates six Girl Scout camps and five regional centers. A wide variety of programming and services take place at these facilities.

“We actually have girls from other councils who participate in our programs and attend our camps,” said Jenn Beaumont, GSHOM Program Manager. “They come to us because these types of activities aren’t offered in their home councils.”

After eight years of absorbing annual increases from their cookie supplier, GSHOM leadership made the decision to sell cookies for $4 a box, a 50 cent increase.

The reality is that since 2005, the average rate of inflation has been 2.7 percent which would make the cost of a package of cookies $4.22. For the sake of comparison, eight years ago the cost of a package of Oreos was $2; milk was $2.17; and a gallon of gas was $3.32. Fast forward to 2013 and these prices have risen to $4.59 for Oreos; $3.98 for a gallon of milk; and $4.19 for that same gallon of gas.

“Our board members and leadership team wanted to wait as long as possible before increasing the cost of a box of cookies,” Jenkins said. “This is something the majority of councils throughout the United States and in Michigan have already done.”

Those councils that have not yet approved the price increase are expected to do so soon. Jenkins said it’s important for customers to know that if they make cookie purchases from another council, the girls in GSHOM will not benefit.

“All of the money raised during our Cookie sales ensures that our girls will have the opportunity to learn and thrive in the safe atmosphere that we provide and will be prepared to take leadership role in during every stage and every area of their lives,” she said.