Gold Award


The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and therefore is a commitment you make and complete as an individual.

Below is an overview of requirements to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. In order to fully understand what is expected of girls, please refer to the Gold Award girl guidelines, the Gold Award Adult guide, and the FAQs.

Girl Scout Gold Award Pre-Requisites
Girls must be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade (or equivalent) and a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador, AND complete two Journeys (Senior or Ambassador)*, OR Earn the Silver Award and complete one Senior or Ambassador Journey.

*Girl Scout Seniors complete Senior journeys and Girl Scout Ambassadors complete Ambassador journeys.

The steps you'll take:

  1. Choose an issue: Use your values and skills to identify a community issue you care about.
  2. Investigate: Research everything you can about the issue.
  3. Get help: Invite others to support and take action with you.
  4. Create a plan: Create a project plan that achieves sustainable and measurable impact.
  5. Present your plan and get feedback: Sum up your project plan for your Girl Scout council.
  6. Take action: Take the lead to carry out your plan.
  7. Educate and inspire: Share what you have experienced with others.