Camp Linden Update

Wednesday was an exciting day for all of the groups. Hiking in the UP took a backpacking trip to the Meadows all the way across the Monkey Bridge and beyond, and they just returned Wednesday morning. They also finished planning for their UP trip! Scaling New Heights went to Grand Ledge to concur some real rock climbing and they had the best time ever, with the sore muscles to prove it. The Intermediate Horseback Riding groups learned some more complicated maneuvers on their horses, as well as how to saddle and unsaddle their horses. They’re almost pros now! Water Water Everywhere was as cute as ever at their cookout where they enjoyed pizzas and cherry cobbler over a fire. Energy in Action took charge as they planned their service project for camp. It’ll be a wonderful surprise for all the parents that come on Friday! You Can’t Do That at Camp was as crazy as ever: they ordered in pizza, breadsticks and pop (non-caffeine, of course) and stay up late watching movies in Hilltop. Every staff member was extremely jealous. Overall, we’re having a wonderful time at Camp Linden, and thanking the skies every day that the weather has been cool.

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