Camp Oak Hills

    2651 East Townline Lake road, Harrison, MI 48625

    Located in Harrison, just east of the Wilson State Park. Camp Oak Hills is located on 200 acres with its own private lake.

    Activities/Theme: Camp offers many choices for both the first time camper and the seasoned outdoor enthusiast. Activities include, swimming, boating, fine arts, nature, music, science, hiking, nighttime adventures and much more.

    Contact: Janice Janczewski at
    Wade Odell, Ranger (989) 539-2001,

    Acorn Lodge 23 max
    A winterized building, with kitchen (gas stove), electric refrigerator, furnace and basic cooking equipment for indoor and outdoor use. Bathroom is located downstairs.
    $75/GSHOM member $100/non-profit $150/private groups
    Happy Hollow Condos 24 max
    There are 3, 8-person hard sided tents with built in bunk beds. A pavilion, fire ring and bathroom
    $80/GSHOM member $120/non-profit $160/private groups
    Happy Hollow Tents 20 max
    Platform tent unit with a pavilion, bathroom and fire ring. Five 4-person tents with cots and mattresses. Limited outdoor cooking equipment is aviailable.
    $25/GSHOM member $37.50/non-profit $50/private groups
    Chipmunk Grove 40 max
    Platform tent unit with a pavilion, enclosed storage room, bathroom, fire ring. Ten 4-person tents with cots and mattresses.
    $100/GSHOM member $150/non-profit $200/private parties
    Health Lodge 12 max
    Winterized building with stove, mini fridge, 2 bedrooms and one full bathroom.
    $30/GSHOM member $40/non-profit $50/private groups
    Primitive Camping
    Area provided to set up tents and cook
    $10/GSHOM member $15/non-profit $20/private groups
    Zonta Lodge Dining Hall 124 max
    Large kitchen and dining room. Can be reserved for large group events. Large charcoal grill located outside building. Not licensed for sleeping.
    $120/GSHOM member $180/non-profit $240/private groups
    Entire Camp 167 max

    Please call for pricing.