Emblems and Patches

In addition to the leadership awards tied to the Journeys and the National Proficiency badges, girls can show they belong by adding emblems to the front of their vests or sashes and participation patches on the back.

  • Emblems show membership in Girl Scouts, a particular council, a particular troop, or in some other Girl Scout troop. These can be worn on the front of a sash or vest (see the diagram in the handbook section of The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to see where these are placed).
  • Participation patches represent activities girls have tried and are fun ways for girls to remember special events they’ve attended. Since these patches and pins aren’t tied to skill-building activities, they are worn on the back of a girl’s sash or vest.

You can purchase emblems and patches—along with badges and leadership awards—at Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan’s Girl Scout shop or by visiting http://shop.gshom.org/ and clicking on Uniforms in the menu on the left or by visiting the GSUSA online shop. There, you’ll find a cool list of the earned awards for each grade level and a link that shows you