Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities

Girl Scouts strives to provide you with information to successfully work with a group of girls, and to let you know how and where you can get additional information resources. Adult Education is offered in a variety of ways to best meet your unique learning styles: written resources, face-to-face learning, interactive online learning—and additional methods are being developed and tested all the time.

Learn About Girl Scouts Online

There’s a good chance you’ve already logged on to http://training.girlscouts.org to watch Girl Scouting 101 or Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events, our self-paced, online orientations to Girl Scouting.

If you haven’t, please click here for those online sessions: http://www.gshom.org/volunteer/become_a_volunteer/steps.html and click on “Girl
Scouts 101 Instructions.” The online sessions are always available; think of them as references you can use whenever you need them.

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Council Essentials course and Volunteer Essentials are designed to give you all of the information you need to start working with girls. You also have resources—like this one and the Adult Journey Guide, for example—to use as references during the next year.

The current adult learning course schedule and information for what courses to take, when and how is available at www.GSHOM.org. click on “Register Online” and search under “Activities”.

Please note: The deadline for training registrations is 5 (five) business days before the training takes place (unless otherwise noted). Registrations received during the late registration period are required to pay the late registration fee. Walk-ins on the day that training is taking place are considered late registrations. Receiving training registrations on time allows us to provide you with the best training experience, to be fully prepared, and to have all the resources/materials necessary for all participants.