Teamwork Gets the Job Done

In your role as a Girl Scout volunteer, you’ll team up with co-volunteers, parents/guardians, members of the community, your membership specialist, additional council staff, and others who have expressed interest in working alongside you. The adult guide of each Journey gives you tips and guidance for creating a friends-and-family network to support you all along the way.
The other volunteers on your support team may help by:

  • Filling in for you
  • Arranging meeting places
  • Being responsible for communicating with girls and parents/guardians
  • Locating adults with special skills to facilitate a specialized meeting
  • Assisting with trips and chaperoning
  • Managing troop records

If you have a large support team, the first thing you’ll want to do is meet with this group and discuss what brought each of you to Girl Scouts, review your strengths and skills, and talk about how you would like to work together as a team. You might also discuss:

  • When important milestones will happen (Girl Scout cookie activities, field trips, travel plans, events, dates for other opportunities) and how long the planning process will take
  • When and where to meet as a group of volunteers, if necessary
  • Whether, when, where, and how often to hold parent/guardian meetings
  • Whether an advance trip to a destination, event site, or camp needs to happen

Remember to call on your volunteer support team. This team can help you observe a meeting, assign you a buddy, help with registration forms, assist you with opening a bank account, plan your first meeting, and so on. Also plan to attend support meetings—usually held several times throughout the year—that provide excellent opportunities to learn from other volunteers.