No matter how you volunteer with Girl Scouts, your investment of time and energy will pay back tenfold. With your help, girls will be able to identify issues they care about and work with one another to resolve them. Your interests and life experiences make you the perfect person to be a new kind of partner for girls, someone who creates a safe environment where they can work together and each girl feels free to work toward her highest aspirations. Have no doubt: You, and nearly one million other volunteers like you, are helping girls make a lasting impact on the world.

Understanding Your Role as a Girl Scout Volunteer

In your role as a Girl Scout volunteer, we want you to be excited about everything this opportunity affords you: a chance to partner with girls, play a critical role in their lives, and watch them blossom! You also want to be someone who enjoys the activities you’ll be embarking on with the girls—whether you’re a camp volunteer, working with girls who are traveling, or partnering with girls on a short-term series on a topic that interests you.
As a Girl Scout volunteer, you’ll serve as a partner and role model to girls. You’ll also work closely with a co-volunteer, because two adults must be present at all times when working with girls, and at least one of those volunteers must be female and not related to the other adult. This is an important distinction that bears repeating: Men can serve as troop volunteers, but an adult female who is not related to the other volunteer must be present at all times, and only in cases of emergency is a girl to be alone with only one volunteer. Remember to also check the adult-to-girl ratios in the Quick-Start Guide and the “Safety-Wise” chapter of this handbook.

Your Responsibilities

Your other responsibilities as a Girl Scout volunteer include*:

  • Accepting the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Understanding the Three Keys to Leadership that are the basis of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: Discover, Connect, and Take Action
  • Sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills with a positive and flexible approach
  • Working in a partnership with girls so that their activities are girl-led, allow them to learn by doing, and allow for cooperative (group) learning; you’ll also partner with other volunteers and Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan staff for support and guidance
  • Organizing fun, interactive, girl-led activities that address relevant issues and match girls’ interests and needs
  • Providing guidance and information regarding Girl Scout troop meetings with girls’ parents or guardians on a regular and ongoing basis through a variety of tools, including email, phone calls, newsletters, blogs, other forms of social media, and any other method you choose
  • Processing and completing registration forms and other paperwork, such as permission slips
  • Communicating effectively and delivering clear, organized, and vibrant presentations or information to an individual or the group
  • Overseeing with honesty, integrity, and careful record-keeping the funds that girls raise
  • Maintaining a close connection to your volunteer support team
  • Facilitating a safe experience for every girl
  • *You are not alone! We encourage you to ask girls’ parents for help. If you need ideas and tips for forming a troop committee, contact your area manager or membership specialist, who will be happy to help.