Additional Troop Money-Earning Activities

Product sales are a great way to earn the funds necessary for girls to travel or carry out Take Action projects. If income from the product sale isn’t enough, however, girls have more options available to them. Although you cannot resell products, you can offer services, such as the following:


  • Cell phones for refurbishment
  • Used ink cartridges turned in for money
  • Christmas tree recycling

Food/Meal Events:

  • Lunch box auction (prepared lunch or meal auctioned off)
  • Themed meals, like high tea, Indian meal, Mexican dinner (if girls are earning money for travel, tie the meal to their destination)


  • Service-a-thon (people sponsor a girl doing service; funds go to support trip)
  • Babysitting for holiday (New Year’s Eve) or council events
  • Raking leaves, weeding, cutting grass, shoveling snow, walking pets
  • Cooking class or other specialty class