Collaborating with Sponsors and Other Organizations

Troop sponsorship is a voluntary agreement between a Girl Scout troop and a local entity such as a local business, school, and place of worship, community group or person. Sponsorship is open to supporters whose aims and objectives are compatible with the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The primary purpose of securing a sponsor is to gain support for the Girl Scout program within the community.

What a Girl Scout Troop May Do for the Sponsor:

  • Keep the sponsor informed of Girl Scout activities and needs.
  • Perform one or more service projects for the sponsor.
  • Recognize and publicize the sponsor’s contributions to the troop.
  • A certificate is available for the troop to customize and present to the sponsor in appreciation of their support.

What the Sponsor May Do for the Troop:

  • Provide appropriate meeting space.
  • Consult and/or assist troops with program activities.
  • Help troops find necessary adult leadership.
  • Provide resources for troop activities and events.
  • Provide or suggest service project opportunities for the troop.
  • Offer other means of support including supplies, equipment, membership fees, dues, or in-kind materials.

The Troop Sponsorship Agreement
The Troop Sponsorship Agreement form at www.gshom.org must be completed and signed by both the sponsor and the troop leader (follow the Troop Sponsorship Agreement Instructions). Completed copies of the form must be provided to the troop, the sponsor and to the troop’s Membership Specialist.

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Troops, groups or other entities are not included under this nonprofit status and, therefore, are not in a position to accept cash donations of $250 or above unless coordinated with the Regional Fund Development Staff. Direct donations of any amount to troops, groups or other entities are not tax-deductible.