Donations to Troops/Groups/Areas

Donations and Contributions

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is the only authorized entity to receive contributions, regardless of value, form or designated use that requires a 501(c) (3) number. GSHOM is a tax-exempt entity, incorporated in the state and designated as a 501(c) (3) organization and operates in compliance with the State of Michigan’s License to Solicit Charitable Contributions. Troops/groups and Areas are sub-units of GSHOM and do not have 501(c) (3) status. Gifts made directly to troops/groups or Areas are not tax-deductible. Funds received may be designated for a specific purpose at Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan level.

Solicitation of Gifts

“Adult members in their Girl Scout capacities may not solicit financial contributions for purposes other than Girl Scouting. Adults may engage in combined fundraising efforts authorized by the Girl Scout council and in which the local council is a beneficiary. Girl members may not engage in any direct solicitation for money”. GSUSA Policy from the Blue Book of Basic Documents 2012, Fundraising Policy, page 21.

Products, services, or gift items may not be solicited for the purpose of generating income for a troop/group or Area. Contributions should be requested from small, local and independently owned community businesses.

Large, multi-unit companies, groups and organizations or their local branches may not be solicited. Mass solicitation is not allowed. Acceptance of contributions is not allowed where Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan tax ID number, IRS determination letter or letterhead request is required. Girls may not engage in the direct solicitation of goods or services.


Grant and United Way Request for Funds applications by troops, groups, Areas, adult volunteers and girls are not allowed. Opportunities for grant funding can be referred to the Fund Development Department.

Corporate Volunteer Awards

Many companies provide charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations where employees volunteer their time. Guidelines vary by company and most often require that the Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan CEO sign all applications for awards of this nature. Corporate volunteer reward contributions are acknowledged, accepted, and utilized by the incorporated organization. See section Donations to Troop/Groups/Areas.

Store Loyalty Rewards

Retail stores sometimes encourage collecting paid receipts for items purchased at their stores and rebate a portion of the submitted receipts to groups or organizations. Troops are able to participate in this type of program if store rebate program rules do not require 501(c) (3) status for the troop. Troops need to keep a copy of receipts for troop purchases made through the troop account. Troops or girls should not actively promote or advertise shopping at any specific store. Follow the guidelines for Money Earning Projects.