Money Earning Guidelines

    1. The Girl Scout Cookie Program and other sales of Girl Scout–authorized products (such as Girl Scout cookies, magazines, or nuts and candy), organized by Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan and open to all Girl Scouts. Girls can participate in two council-sponsored product sale activities each year: the cookie sale and one other council-authorized product sale. All girl members who take part in any way of Girl Scouting (troop, camp, travel, etc.), including Daisies, are eligible to participate in council-sponsored product-sale activities, with volunteer supervision. Please remember: volunteers and Girl Scout council staff don’t sell cookies and other products—girls do.
    2. GSHOM approved troop/group money-earning projects - Activities organized by the troop/group that are planned and carried out by girls (in partnership with adults). Note: Participation in council sponsored product programs is required for approval of additional money earning projects. Additionally, Girl Scout Daisy troops may only participate in council sponsored product programs.
    Troop/Group money-earning projects must be approved by GSHOM using the Troop Money Earning Application at www.gshom.org.
    Money-earning projects cannot be held during council-sponsored product program sales or during United Way black-out periods. Your Membership Specialist should have the dates of these events. Prior to applying for a Troop Money-Earning project, please review these guidelines.

Some examples of money earning projects are:

  • Washing cars, raking leaves, shoveling sidewalks and doing other lawn work
  • Holding a garage or tag sale
  • Recycling items
  • Hosting an event, such as a games or badge workshop for GSHOM or your Girl Scout Area
  • Making and selling craft items
  • Ushering or helping in other ways at special events in the community
  • Sponsoring dances, talent shows, fashion shows, or other forms of entertainment
  • Group babysitting, such as at an Area meeting, GSHOM function, or community organization’s event or meeting<.li>

  • Putting on parties or story hours for children
  • Hosting a face-painting booth at a special event
  • Pop can drive
  • Bake sale
  • Car Wash
  • Gift-wrapping
  • Dog walking service
  • Other ideas can be submitted for consideration. You should call your Area Manager or Membership Specialist while you are in the planning stages of this event.

As ideas begin to gel, use the tips in the “Helping Girls Reach Their Financial Goals” section of Volunteer Essentials to facilitate an age-appropriate, girl-led planning session. The girls must be involved in planning all the details of the event. Be sure to review the safety guidelines with the girls for any event in which they participate.

Avoid fundraising for other organizations: Girl Scouts (girls or adults) are not allowed, when identifying themselves as Girl Scouts (such as wearing a uniform, a sash or vest, official pins, and so on) or as part of a Girl Scout activity to solicit money on behalf of another organization or individuals. This includes raising funds in events like Relay for Life, Hunger Walks, or bell ringing for Salvation Army. You and your troop/group can, however, support another organization through take-action projects or by making a donation from your troop/group’s account.

Product demonstration parties, raffles, drawings, games of chance, the direct solicitation of cash, and the sale or endorsement of commercial products are forbidden money-earning activities.

Troops and Girl Scout Areas may not solicit funds from foundations, United Ways, or other entities, including businesses or organizations that require 501(c) (3) documentation.

Girl Scout Areas may conduct money-earning projects. The same guidelines apply for these money-earning projects as for the troop. Money-Earning Applications must be submitted to your Membership Specialist, using this same form and instructions.

After the troop/group has made a decision regarding their money-earning project, complete the money earning form and submit to your Membership Specialist at least one month prior to the planned money-earning activity.