Fundraising-Supports our Council

Fundraising is the responsibility of adults. Fundraising involves appealing to the public to contribute funds to support the overall program and activities of the organization. We look to the community for contributions through individuals, foundations, local businesses, program income through product sales, and United Ways. The goal of Fund Development in Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is to diversify and increase income generated with a broad-based adult effort, which will support current and long-term fiscal stability. Methods used for adult-generated fund development include but are not limited to: Annual Giving Campaign, Family Partnership, Financial Assistance/Campership Funding, Foundations and Grants, Honor and Memorial Gifts, Planned Giving, Gifts-In-Kind, United Way, and Special Events.

Project Sponsorship

A project can be any experience, activity, opportunity, or event that is planned by girls in partnership with adults that furthers the Girl Scout leadership experience of the girls involved. The primary purpose of project sponsorship is to secure the commitment and involvement of a community entity in a joint venture that will provide greater opportunities for girls to develop skills in their area of interest. Projects may include: the “take action” segment of an age-level Journey; a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award planned by a troop or individual; high adventure experiences requiring special instruction, and equipment; trips; environmental impact projects; etc.
Project sponsorship offers positive visibility and identity in the community. It gives the sponsor the chance to interact with and benefit local youth. Projects are limited only by the energies, enthusiasm and imagination of their initiators.

When collaborating with any other organization, keep these additional guidelines in mind:

    • Avoiding fundraising for other organizations: Girl Scouts are not allowed, when identifying ourselves as Girl Scouts (such as wearing a uniform, a sash or vest, official pins, and so on), to solicit money on behalf of another organization. This includes participating in a walkathon or telethon while in uniform. You and your group can, however, support another organization through take-action projects or by making a donation from your group’s account. And Girl Scouts as individuals are able to participate in whatever events they choose, as long as they’re not wearing anything that officially identifies them as “Girl Scouts.”
    • Steering clear of political fundraisers: When in an official Girl Scout capacity or in any way identifying yourselves as Girl Scouts, your group may not participate (directly or indirectly) in any political campaign or work on behalf of or in opposition to a candidate for public office. Letter-writing campaigns are not allowed, nor is participating in a political rally, circulating a petition, or carrying a political banner.
    • Being respectful when collaborating with religious organizations: Girl Scout groups must respect the opinions and practices of religious partners, but no girl should be required to take part in any religious observance or practice of the sponsoring group.
    • Avoiding selling or endorsing commercial products: “Commercial products” is any product sold at retail. Since 1939, girls and volunteers have not been allowed to endorse, provide a testimonial for, or sell such products.