Child Discipline

In the Girl Scout environment, some behavior problems are bound to occur in any troop. Even so, discipline in Girl Scouting must always be constructive and/or educational in nature and appropriate to the age of the child and circumstances. Children will not be subjected to physical harm, fear or humiliation.
All operational volunteers have an obligation to see that such an environment is maintained at all times. In accordance with this policy Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan will neither condone nor tolerate that any child engaged in a Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan program or activity be:
 Deprived of food or sleep,
 Left alone without adult supervision, observation, and interaction,
 Subjected to ridicule, threat, corporal punishment,
 Subjected to excessive physical exercise or excessive restraint.
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan will consider any of the above-mentioned prohibitions as the basis for disciplinary action that can include release from an operational volunteer position.