Smoke-free Environment

In the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of girls, no smoking is allowed in the presence of girls.
 In compliance with Michigan State Law, there will be no smoking by anyone under the age of 18 years.
 No smoking is permitted during Troop/Group meetings or activity.
 No smoking will be permitted during adult meetings. The person in charge of the meeting will schedule breaks to accommodate personal needs. Smoking regulations at each site will be followed.
 No smoking is permitted in a vehicle while transporting girls.
 No smoking is allowed on council-owned properties including the regional centers, lodges or camps, and grounds except in outdoor areas designated by Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.
 No smoking is permitted in tents.
 Designated smoking areas must be out-of-doors where girls are not present. The presence of non- smoking adults should be considered.
 When planning field and extended trips, a Leader will, in advance, take into consideration site regulations, safety, and health concerns, and will determine designated smoking areas and breaks.
 All evidence of smoking must be removed from the activity site.