Supervision and Performance Appraisal

Supervision should include periodic verbal and written performance evaluation based upon position expectations outlined in the Volunteer Agreement and Position Description. Each operational volunteer will have an annual review and appraisal of their performance. The performance appraisal should include both a review of the volunteer’s performance of position responsibilities and a discussion of any suggestions that the volunteer may have concerning the position or project with which the volunteer is connected. The performance appraisal session should also be utilized as an opportunity to ascertain the mutual interest of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan and volunteer in the volunteer’s continued service in her or his position. It shall be the responsibility of the supervisor to schedule and conduct the performance appraisal.
The position description and standards of performance for a volunteer position should form the basis of the performance appraisal. These standards should list the responsibilities of the position, measurable indicators of whether responsibilities were accomplished, and appropriate timelines for accomplishment of responsibilities. A copy of the standards should be provided to the volunteer along with a copy of the position description at the beginning of her or his assignment. Following a satisfactory annual performance evaluation the operational volunteer will be considered for reappointment to the same position and/or rotation to another position.