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Grade Levels

  • Daisies grades K-1
  • Brownies grades 2-3
  • Juniors grades 4-5
  • Cadettes grades 6-8
  • Seniors grades 9-10
  • Ambassadors grades 11-12


Any girl in grades K–12 can join the fun at Girl Scouts. Whether you want to be part of a troop, sign up for exciting events and programs, explore the outdoors, or travel the world, each age level has something for you.

Girls are placed in the appropriate grade level according to what grade they’re in at school, as shown above.





Bridge to the next Girl Scout level

Moving on to New Adventures
Bridging is an important transition in a Girl Scout’s life. It’s
a defining moment when a Girl Scout becomes aware of
her achievements and is ready for new adventures and
Celebrating this change should be fun, personalized, and
memorable for everyone involved. And most of all, it should
be designed by the girls in true partnership with adults.

Bridging Levels
There are six levels of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience:
Daisy Girl Scout (grades K–1)
Brownie Girl Scout (grades 2–3)
Junior Girl Scout (grades 4–5)
Cadette Girl Scout (grades 6–8)
Senior Girl Scout (grades 9–10)
Ambassador Girl Scout (grades 11–12)

Five Opportunities to Bridge
1. Daisy to Brownie
2. Brownie to Junior
3. Junior to Cadette
4. Cadette to Senior
5. Senior to Ambassador
6. Ambassador to Adult

To view the rest of the guidelines for bridging click here