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Camp Merrie Woode Mini

There are all kinds of reasons to LOVE Camp Minis!

Maybe you are not quite sure if you want to go to camp for six days? Our three-day Mini option is the perfect way to ease into Girl Scout overnight camp. Do you absolutely adore more than one of our weekly themes? Use three-day camps to experience them all! And of course, if you are super busy with other activities, three-day minis allow you to squeeze one or more in when you can. There’s no need to ever miss out on Girl Scout camp.

Camp Merrie Woode Mini, 3-Days

Check-in: 2-4 p.m. Check-out: 4-6 p.m. $250 /Week

In addition to regular camp activities, all campers attending camp
during the following weeks will participate in themed activities
such as all-camp games, competitions, and dinners.

Entering Grades 1-5  

Week 1A The Merrie Woode Games July 11 - 13          
Week 1B The Merrie Wood Games July 14 - 16 
Week 2A One Upon A Time July 18 - 20                  
Week 2B Once Upon A Time July 21 - 23
Week 3A Around The World August 1 - 3
Week 3B Around The World
 August 4 - 6

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