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Camp Merrie Woode Specialty Programs

Fine tune your camp experience with a specialty camp!

Girls participating in Specialty Programs:
    ⦁ Lodge with their group in platform tents. Have fun: "bling" your tent!      ⦁ Participate in Girl’s Choice activities for their free activity blocks.
    ⦁ Enjoy the weekly camp theme.

You can bring cool decorations to camp to "bling" your platform tent. It puts a fun spin on your camp stay!

Advanced Target Sports / Entering grades 4-8 / $450

Aim for adventure with this exciting new opportunity! With the help of trained staff, you will spend time each day at either the rifle or archery range, honing your technique and shooting at different targets that will test your skills. You will have the opportunity to work toward achievement pins at each range. All experience levels welcome. Girls will each earn their grade level’s Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Archery Badge.

Week 1 July 11 - 16

Backpacking Excursion / Entering grades 6-12 / $450

Ready to get away in the outdoors? Spend one block each day practicing navigation skills, learning to cook over a camp stove, and learning how to pack for an overnight. On Wednesday afternoon, you and your friends will hike two miles to a primitive site on the far end of camp, set up a campsite, and cook your meals over the fire. You will return to camp Thursday morning. Activity blocks not spent at the waterfront will be Girls’ Choice. 

Week 2 July 18 - 23


Advanced Climbing / Entering grades 4-8 / $450

You’ll reach new heights by spending time each day perfecting your climbing skills and learning the ins and outs of this high adventure activity! Whether you’re an experienced climber or have never climbed before, you will have lots of time to perfect your technique. Girls will
also learn how to set up and take down the area as well as how to tie all the knots used to belay. You’ll even get to learn how to team belay! All experience levels welcome.

Week 3 August 1 - 6 

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