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Kalamazoo Day Camp

Girl Scout camp is the most fun! Day camps are a terrific way to start a summer camp tradition, try new things, make new friends, go new places. Find a week that sounds fun or spend the whole summer.
Girl Scout Heart of Michigan day camps are a great way to spend the summer! 

Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Drop off from 7:45 to 9:00am, programming from 9:00 to 5:00, pick up from 5:00 to 6:00pm. Parent program Fridays at 5:00pm.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: June 21 - 25   

From building and flying a model airplane, creating your own train, to designing your dream car; you’ll learn all about different kinds of transportation this week! You’ll even visit a factory to see how some of these things are made.

Spectacular Science:
 June 28 -July 2  

Science is all around us! From biology to chemistry and much more, experiment and discover how science can teach us more about the world we live in. You’ll make a volcano, slime, weather in a jar, and build and shoot your own rocket!

Tech Week: July 5 - 9

Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives. You’ll make a coin battery using circuits, practice coding using legos, and build a robot that can draw a picture!

Outdoor Adventurer: July 12 - 16 

What better way to spend the week than learning new skills in the outdoors? You’ll learn how to build a fire, knot tying, and how to pitch your own tent! After you learn to build your fire, you’ll use it to cook your own lunch! You’ll even get to take a trip to Camp Merrie Woode where you’ll get to try archery, swimming, and learn all about what overnight camp is like!

Master Chef: July 19 - 23

Create all kinds of delicious creations this week with no-bake treats, lunch cooked over the fire, and a special dessert. You’ll even get to participate in a cooking challenge where you’ll create a recipe of your own using secret ingredients.

Maker’s Space:
July 26 - July 30

Put your hard hat on and get your hammer ready as you spend your week building all kinds of things! You’ll learn how to use different tools to make your own birdhouse and wind chime. You’ll work as a group to make a fairy house to live at Camp Linden or Merrie Woode.

Art Extravaganza: August 2 - 6

Let your creative juices flow as you spend the week trying all different kinds of art! From clay sculptures to making your own coaster to tie-dye, this is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner artist! Enjoy some beautiful art on your trip to your local art museum. 

Splish Splash: August 9 - 13

There’s no better way to spend your hot summer days than playing in water! Play water relay games, have fun with water balloons, and enjoy a trip to the pool!

Carnival: August 16 - 20

What goes into planning a carnival? Find out this week when you choose your activities, learn how to make a budget, buy materials, and sell your product! Invite your family and friends to your carnival on Friday afternoon. 

Keepin’ it Green: August 23 - 27

Want to learn what you can do to help make the world a better place? Create a beautiful piece of art using reused items, learn about renewable energy, explore ways to reduce waste, and meet with local experts to learn how you can help make your community a greener place. 


Entering Grades 6-8/$200-$250

 Leader in Action & Program Aide Training: June 21 - 25

Spend the week earning your Leader in Action Award, completing the Program Aide Leadership Course, and working with Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies. Now you can help out with Summer Day Camp, so make sure you sign up to help!

Babysitter Training: June 28 - July 2

Be the best babysitter on the block! Learn skills and earn your American Red Cross Babysitter Certificate (ages 11 & up). You will learn what it takes to start and run a babysitting business and create a babysitter’s kit. The entire group will hold a one-day babysitting event to practice their skills. Fee includes Red Cross certification.

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