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Ypsilanti Day Camp

Drop off from 7:45 to 9:00am, programming from 9:00 to 5:00, 
pick up from 5:00 to 6:00pm. Parent program Fridays at 5:00pm.

Camp Info Packet Here       Register online below, fillable form

Farmyard Frenzy:
 June 17-21 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Have you ever wondered what life is like on the farm? Explore the role animals have on the farm, try your hand at gardening, basket weaving, and even make your own butter! You’ll have a blast visiting a local farm and seeing everything you’ve learned in action.

    Week 1

Leader in Action & Program Aide Training: June 17-21 
Entering Grades 6-8 / $200

Spend the week earning your Leader in Action Award, completing the Program Aid Leadership Course, and working with Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies. Now you can help out with Summer Day Camp, so make sure you sign up to help!

    Week 1

Around the World: June 24-28 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Learn all about what life is like in different parts of the world! This week, you’ll get to make international snacks, learn a few words in new languages, and discover new kinds of music.

    Week 2

Babysitter Training: June 24-28 / Entering Grades 6-8 / $250

Be the best babysitter on the block! Learn skills and earn your American Red Cross Babysitter Certificate (ages 11 & up). You will learn what it takes to start and run a babysitting business and create a babysitter’s kit. The entire group will hold a one-day babysitting event to practice their skills. Fee includes Red Cross certification.

    Week 2


Renaissance: July 8-12 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Spend the week exploring all things Renaissance! You’ll get to try your hand at juggling, pool noodle jousting, and even make your own catapult.

    Week 3

Renaissance: July 8-12 / Entering Grades 6-8 / $200

You’ll get to learn all about what life was like during the Renaissance. Try your hand at calligraphy, making a flower garland, and even seeing how far you can launch marshmallows with the catapult you get to design and build yourself!

    Week 3

Outdoor Adventurer: July 15-19 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

What better way to spend the week than learning new skills in the outdoors? You’ll learn how to build a fire, knot tying, and how to pitch your own tent! After you learn to build your fire, you’ll use it to cook your own lunch! You’ll even get to take a trip to Camp Linden where you’ll get to try archery, swimming, and learn all about what overnight camp is like!

    Week 4

Outdoor Adventurer: July 15-19 / Entering Grades 6-8 / $200

Learn advanced outdoor skills like building a fire with flint and steel, navigation, and knife safety. Put your skills to the test by using your fire started with flint and steel to cook your own lunch! You’ll even get to take a trip to Camp Linden where you’ll get to try archery, swimming, and learn all about what overnight camp is like!

    Week 4

DIY Spa: July 22-26 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Enjoy lots of fun spa activities like making your own sugar scrub, face mask, and bath bomb! You’ll even get to enjoy a nail painting party and yoga session. Join us for this fun and relaxing week!

    Week 5

DIY Spa: July 22-26 / Entering Grades 6-8 / $200

Find out what goes into making beauty products by creating your own lotion, sugar scrub, and bath bomb. Once you’ve made your products, you’ll get to try them out with a spa party. You’ll even have the choice to try yoga! Come hang out with friends during this relaxing week.

    Week 5

Science of Food: July 29-August 2 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Learn the science of food as well as make some tasty treats by conducting experiments. You’ll find out how baking is all about chemistry and taste test to see if you got the science right. Use the sun to make s’mores, learn about dehydration by making your own raisins, and even make your own delicious ice cream.

    Week 6

Science of Food: July 29-August 2 / Entering Grades 6-8 / $200

Science has never been so delicious! You’ll use molecular gastronomy to explore the relationship between science and cooking. You’ll have a blast turning your favorite drink into caviar and using dry ice to transform fruit. You’ll even get to create a cookbook so you can try these recipes at home!

    Week 6

Splish Splash: August 5-9 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

There’s no better way to spend your hot summer days than playing in water! Play water relay games, have fun with water balloons, and enjoy a trip to the pool!

    Week 7

Animal Planet: August 12-16 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

This world is filled with many amazing animals! Spend the week exploring the similarities and differences between wild and domestic animals. Learn about animal habitats and diets and make a food web to show how everything is connected. You’ll get to participate in a service project by making toys for the dogs and cats at your local animal shelter.

    Week 8

Art Extravaganza: August 19-23 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Let your creative juices flow as you spend the week trying all different kinds of art! From clay sculptures to making your own coaster to tie-dye, this is the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner artist! Enjoy some beautiful art on your trip to your local art museum.

    Week 9

Fashion Show: August 26-30 / Entering Grades K-5 / $200

Calling all fashionistas! Develop a strong sense of self confidence by walking in a runway show and be a resourceful problem solver during a dress making challenge with unconventional materials. You’ll also get creative by creating your own fashion accessory.

    Week 10