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Meet Our Staff

Our camps offer a wide variety of programs for all your camper’s different interests all year round. And to make those programs happen, we need an awesome team of dedicated camp professionals. We’ve got nature lovers, art enthusiasts, outdoor explorers, and more just waiting to help your camper make memories that’ll last a lifetime!

Who are these awesome camp professionals? They’re our camp staff! Scroll through and check out the members of our camp leadership teams who are responsible for all the fun at our camps and learn a little about each of them. 

Summer camp is almost here and they’re so excited to kick-off another year of summer fun with your Girl Scout! If you have any questions feel free to email any of them below. 

Matt Bates

Chief Information & Property Officer - 

Matt Bates has been teaching young people in the out of doors for nearly his entire life. Having served as a camp counselor in his youth, he feels that everyone should have the opportunity to learn nature’s great lessons at their own ability level. Matt is an avid outdoorsman, paddler, climber, and has thru-hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. He holds a degree in Forestry with an emphasis on forest recreation. Matt is an Eagle Scout and has earned many awards from the Boy Scouts of America, including the Vigil Honor. He holds range instructor certification from USA Archery and maintains First Aid and CPR certifications.


Kori Swieter

Camp Director, Camp Linden  -

Kori has spent most of her life in the woods or at the pool, so Camp Linden is a perfect place for her! Growing up, Kori attended summer camps as a camper, worked as a counselor, leadership staff, and has been working year-round in camping since 2015. She has been working with GSHOM Camps since November 2019. Kori has a degree in Environmental Studies and Economics from Siena College where she played Water Polo. Before starting at GSHOM, Kori hiked half of the Appalachian Trail, and has the other half on her bucket list! 

In her free time, Kori can be found anywhere outside! Whether she is backpacking trails, or spending time in, on, or around the water, Kori is always up for an adventure!


Hadley Hill

Camp Director, Camp Merrie Woode  -

Hadley’s love of camp began with Girl Scouts- back when she was only a Brownie! After growing up at Girl Scout camp, Hadley was thrilled to continue her outdoor adventures as a staff member at residential, day, and family camps. She also spent many years working in early childhood education. Hadley earned her Bachelor’s in Communications from                                                                 Elmhurst College and is an AmeriCorps                                                           alumna.

In her free time, Hadley enjoys kayaking, hiking, roller-skating, painting, crafting, reading, and performing in community theatre.


Bill Viers

Camp Ranger & Camp Caretaker, Camp O' the Hills -

Anyone who meets Bill Viers cannot help but get caught up in his enthusiasm, work ethic, and excitement for getting girls to camp. Bill has worked at Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan for 4 years, and before that ran a successful residential construction business for more than 30 years. Bill is has been active in the Tecumseh community his entire life, and has volunteered for many organizations, including the Sons of the American Legion. 

Bill loves to cook and has more than 20 years of experience in the catering industry. He enjoys paddling and holds certification in small craft safety, as well as archery instructor certification and First Aid and CPR for the professional.


Nicole Taylor

Assistant Camp Director, Camp Linden  -

Nicole, or Nickel as she is affectionately called at camp, has been working at Camp Linden since 2015. She’s been a Camp Counselor, Health Officer, and CIT Director before taking her position as Assistant Director. Nicole says that she loves camp because it’s the one place on earth where we can experience true magic. Nicole has a degree in Economics and History from                                                             Central Michigan University.

While at camp, you can find Nicole at the boating beach or singing songs on Linden’s singing porch. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, eating pasta, watching scary movies, and hanging out with her cats.


Nena Viers

Camp Caretaker, Camp O' the Hills -

Nena Viers can be found helping out anywhere she is needed. From working in the kitchen to helping girls with projects, Nena does it all. 

It's no surprise to us that Nena was a
Girl Scout and went on to be a Girl Scout volunteer while her daughters were young. Her passion for making the world a better place is felt every day at O' the Hills.


Trina Stephenson 

Day Camp Director & Event Coordinator, Kalamazoo Regional Center 

Trina’s love for Girl Scouts is undeniable—she was a Girl Scout growing up and visited Camp Merrie Woode! She graduated with honors from Siena Heights University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community & Human Service and then the summer after became a Day Camp Counselor. After that, she realized all the other fantastic ways Girl Scouts provided her as a young girl and wanted to give back. Trina likes making new friends everywhere she goes, exploring new places, and going on grand adventures! Along with her love for Girl Scouts and helping people, she is also an animal enthusiast and spent many years working with animals.

In Trina’s spare time, she enjoys fishing, kayaking, yoga, nature walks, hunting for morel mushrooms, deer shed hunting, crafting, and spending time with family.

Rob Lehman

Facilities Manager, Camp Linden -

Rob has been working at camps for more than 37 years, working up through the ranks from dishwasher, counselor, CIT director to assistant camp director during high school and college for the Saginaw YMCA Camp. Rob has a degree in Outdoor Recreation from Central Michigan University. After a few years as a youth program director in Illinois, Rob worked for the Frost Valley YMCA in New York where he was the Director of Camping Services. Since moving back to Michigan, Rob has been the Ranger at Camp Linden and a Girl Scout for the last 17 years. 

Rob enjoys woodworking in his spare time and is also a firefighter for the local community, which includes certifications in emergency scene management, first aid, and CPR.


Dan Ketchum

Part-time Camp Ranger, Camp Linden 

Dan Ketchum has had an affiliation with Girl Scouts - specifically Camp Linden - for more than 35 years. He has retired from his position with GSHOM but continues to help out around camp. His love for the outdoors and passion for giving young people the opportunity to grow at camp shines through in his work daily. Dan holds a High School Diploma and has a wide variety of experience including construction as well as formal training in building and grounds maintenance, and has successfully completed outdoor survival training. Dan has held certifications from the State of Michigan as a master auto technician and is currently certified as a USA Archery Instructor and in First and CPR for the Professional. 

His hobbies include hiking, hunting, and fishing, and has competed in several archery competitions.