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International Trip with the CEO

Travel to France with Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan CEO Jan Barker

Is your girl ready for adventure? Can you imagine a trip where she'll be on a team that gets to decide which exciting things to do? This group, and our leading expert in girl-led opportunities, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan CEO, Jan Barker, will travel internationally to Paris, France, and a few surrounding areas, for the ultimate Girl Scout trip!

Going on this trip, she'll make memories with other girls that will last a lifetime, and have the unique opportunity to spend time with our
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan CEO! The required pre-trip planning weekend* will allow girls to take the lead in deciding the details of the trip.

Take a look at the information below for more details about the trip. 

Who attends?

This trip is geared towards Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Cadette Girl Scouts who will be entering 8th grade in the Fall of 2022 are eligible to participate. Adult supervision will be provided and chaperones have been selected.

What is the cost?

The fee includes transportation, lodging, and meals. Adult supervision will be provided. A deposit of $500 will hold your spot. The full fee will be between $4500-$5000, due June 1, 2022. We also have payment plans to set up what works best for your finances. Scholarships are available, cookie cash can be used, opportunity for a special fundraiser with treats, and even gift donations can be made from family & friends using this coupon

Spots are limited, so don’t delay! Reach out to us at for more information. 

Where should I register?

Reserve her space by making your $500 deposit here.

Pre-trip Planning Meetings

All girls that are registered for the trip should plan to attend these meetings via Zoom the 3rd Sunday of each month to help plan for the trip. Visit our to sign-up. 

Pre-Trip Planning Weekend

* Please mark April 1-3, 2022 for a weekend planning trip at camp to discuss more details, pratice speaking French with an expert, learn about the currency used, the fashion and food, and finalize the plans for the trip.* More info to come!

Girls: we have put together a frame for this itinerary, and now is your chance to do some research! During the pre-trip planning session, we want to hear from you! What other places would you like to visit along the way? What other activities would you like to do during the trip? As of right now, below is the potential itinerary of places we are visiting, and there is still time to fill in with your ideas!


Day 1: Kalamazoo ~ Welcome to France!

Day 2: Paris

Day 3: Versailles

Day 4: TBD

Day 5: TBD

Days 6-8: TBD

Day 9: TBD

Day 10: Back to Michigan!

What is required for my girl to travel to France?
  • As part of this entire experience and in order to get girls oriented to travelling internationally, Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan recommends that the girls participating in this trip obtain a passport. Applying for a passport is an important part of this learning experience. Information regarding how to apply for a passport can be found on the U.S. Department of State Website.
  • Fully vaccinated travelers coming from the United States will still be able to enter France with proof of vaccination and a sworn statement they do not have symptoms of COVID-19 nor contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 Currently only the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are accepted. 
    Fore more information click here to visit the U.S. Embassy guidelines 
Are there any other special requirements?
  • We are looking for girls who are team leaders, ready for an adventure, and enthusiastic to learn new things along the way
  • To buy food or special souvenirs, girls can bring American money or can exchange their money for euros, the currency in France. 
    Click here to learn more. 
  • Please be aware that phone plans will need to be discussed ahead of time with your phone provider to determine what the best option is for each participant. Here's a basic overview for the providers listed below.
  • Google Fi 
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile 
  • AT&T 
Est-ce que tu parles français?

· That’s right...we will be speaking French at times during the trip or at least trying to speak it! There is a mobile app called Duolingo, which is designed to help you learn languages easily and comfortably. It doesn’t really feel like you're studying with Duolingo, but rather just having fun! Duolingo presents the lessons in a way that makes it feel like you're just playing a game. Check it out and let’s see how comfortable we feel learning/speaking a new language! Bon voyage!

Previous Meetings Recordings & Notes
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Don't miss out on this opportunity to have one-on-one time with a female CEO trailblazer & get an inside look at courageous leadership!