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Spread the word and pass out this save the date flyer about the G.I.R.L celebration! 


Who can attend? How much does registration cost? Take a look at the FAQs for more info! 


Start planning with the Travel Planning Guide to learn the basics and what to expect at G.I.R.L. 2020.


Have questions? Email Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan G.I.R.L team at


Interested in applying to be a National Council Delegate for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan? 
Here are a few of the personal responsibilities that each individual elected by the council as a delegate will work towards before attending the National Council Session:

  • Studying all business items on the agenda (proposals and discussion topics), background information, and recommendations of the National Board of Directors.
  • Attending briefings conducted by Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan; and participating in forums and focus groups, as requested. 
  • Participating in webinars hosted by the National Board (when feasible). 
  • Obtaining a broad view of the opinions of adult and older girl members from all parts of the council. 
  • Becoming thoroughly informed on facts about Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan. 
  • Being familiar with the contents of the current edition of the Blue Book of Basic Documents. 

Fill out the Delegate Application & take a look at the rest of the responsibilities to be a National Council Delegate

                     **Please note**
                      Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan will cover National Council Session/Convention registration fees for adult and girl                              delegates, as well as hotel and transportation expenses for girl delegates. Adult delegates would be responsible for                        their own hotel and transportation expenses. Any other additional expenses will be the responsibility of each                                  delegate. Financial scholarships will be available. Contributions towards expenses incurred by Girl Scouts Heart of                        Michigan are welcome.