Super Science Saturday: Brownie Mechanical Engineer - Portage - b
Super Science Saturday: Brownie Mechanical Engineer - Portage - b
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Date: Sat Feb 11, 9:00 AM EST - 12:30 PM EST
  • STEM
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  • Brownies,
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Late Registration (add $10 per ticket): Jan 22-28, 2023

This design challenge takes you to the skies and back down to Earth! Investigate the forces of flight and design a Fling Flyer prototype to test. Think like an engineer as you brainstorm and create a race car. Try your hand on the racetrack and see if you can improve your design and increase your speed!

Note: Participants will receive the Fling Flyer and Paddle Boat Mechanical Engineer Badges. Adult chaperones will be required

This program will spark interest in the following career paths: mechanical engineer, mechanic,  aeronautic engineer

Outcomes: D4, D5, T5

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