Me & My Gal: Swinter Wonderland! - Camp Linden - dbjcsa & Adults
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Date: Fri Aug 16, 7:00 PM EDT - Sun Aug 18, 10:00 AM EDT
  • Outdoor
  • Juniors,
  • Daisies,
  • Seniors,
  • Volunteers,
  • Cadettes,
  • Ambassadors,
  • Brownies,
  • Pre-K

Let's go walking in a summer, wonderland! It's swinter at Camp Linden: winter in summer where we get the best of both seasons! Experience the magic of winter at camp without the cold! Bring a special woman in your life to enjoy summer and winter activities alike. Take a dip in the swimming pool, create an unmeltable snowman, take aim at archery, sip hot cocoa, climb the climbing wall, participate in a snowball fight, and cool down by the fireside. Campers can bring any adult woman over the age of 18 for this enchanting weekend.

NOTE:  Trail rides are available for girls and adults (2nd grade and older) for an additional fee of $30 per rider. There is a 6 person maximum capacity per session.  Meals provided for full weekend participants: Friday snack; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast. Meals provided for day only participants: Saturday lunch and dinner.