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Treats & Reads

Our Treats and Reads program is available year-round! Girl Scouts in today’s society need more safe ways to engage in e-commerce and online marketing. One way to participate with Treats and Reads is through creating your own online store and learning to market your store through social media and email. Traditional order taking and direct selling through nut huts are still the most popular options.

Treats & Reads has fun items available that make great gifts, like cans of whole cashews and bags of Black Forest Trail Mix. You can also renew or start a new annual magazine subscription at a great price. With magazines from Parent’s Choice®, top children’s magazines like Lady Bug, and National Geographic Jr., and even more magazines for adults like HGTV and Reader’s Digest, these subscriptions are a great and important resource and source of enjoyment for everyone.

The Regional Centers will have nuts and candies available begining November 15, 2019 for Nut Huts! 
Your Girl Scout Troop can check out whatever is available and will earn 14% troop proceeds for every item they sell. Return whatever does not sell the following Monday and deposit all funds into your troop bank account. Payment for Nut Huts will be pulled on either the 1 or 15 of the month through ACH with your Girl Scout Troop bank account.
See council sponsored locations with the links below. 

Interested in setting up a nut hut?

Steps to participate:

  1. Locate a place to set-up your Nut Hut. You may set-up anywhere, but council sponsored locations. See council sponsored booth locations below. We recommend Fridays and Saturdays, but check with the business, ask for their busy times.
  2. Email your location with address, date and time to,,, or depending on your regional center. Let us know when you want to grab the items and we'll be sure to have product available for you. 
  3. Come and get your items from the Regional Center or local cupboard.
    We are open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday.
  4. Go to your Nut Hut, bring your own table, marketing items, like a yard sign as well as Home Town Heroes donation box and cash box with about $70 in change.
  5. Return everything the following Monday and deposit all money into your troop bank account.
  6. Your troop will keep 14% troop proceeds. The remaining amount due will be pulled through ACH from your troop bank account.

Do not contact Council Sponsored Booth Locations:

·Dunkin Donuts – council-wide° ·Sam’s Club –council-wide° ·Walmart- council wide ·Kroger – council-wide ·JoAnn Fabrics – council-wide ·Lowes – council-wide° ·Tractor Supply – council-wide ·V.G.’s Food Market – council-wide ·Frank’s Great Outdoors – Saginaw Region only ·Pinconning Cheese House – Saginaw Region only ·Polly’s Country Market – Jackson Region only ·Jackson Crossing Mall – Jackson Region only ·Klavons – Jackson Region only ·Schuler Books – Lansing Region only ·Carl’s Super Market – Lansing Region only ·D&W – Lansing & Kalamazoo Region only ·Tom’s Food Center – Lansing Region only ·Family Video – Lansing Region only ·Office Max – Lansing Region only ·Family Farm & Home- Lansing Region only ·LaFontaine Motors– Lansing Region only ·Pruess Pets – Lansing Region only ·MSUFCU – Lansing Region only ·Busch’s – Ann Arbor Region only ·Briarwood Mall – Ann Arbor Region only ·Brighton Market – Ann Arbor Region only ·Leo’s Coney Island – Ann Arbor Region only ·Lucky’s Market – Ann Arbor Region only ·Washtenaw Community College – Ann Arbor Region only ·Ypsi Ale House– Ann Arbor Region only ·Walgreens – Kalamazoo Region only ·Crossroads Mall – Kalamazoo Region only ·Hobby Town USA – Kalamazoo Region only ·TJ Maxx – Kalamazoo Region only

We'll be here to help you every step of the way, and we encourage you to email us whenever you have questions.
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Treats & Reads Resources

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