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Treats & Reads

Our Treats and Reads program is available year-round! Girl Scouts in today’s society need more safe ways to engage in e-commerce and online marketing. One way to participate with Treats and Reads is through creating your own online store and learning to market your store through social media and email. Traditional order taking and direct selling through nut huts are still the most popular options.

Treats & Reads has fun items available that make great gifts, like cans of whole cashews and bags of Black Forest Trail Mix. You can also renew or start a new annual magazine subscription at a great price. With magazines from Parent’s Choice®, top children’s magazines like Lady Bug, and National Geographic Jr., and even more magazines for adults like HGTV and Reader’s Digest, these subscriptions are a great and important resource and source of enjoyment for everyone.

Interested in setting up a Nut Hut? Nut Huts will begin November 15, 2019 in all regions! See instructions on how to set up your Nut Hut today clicking on the links below. 

We'll be here to help you every step of the way, and we encourage you to email us whenever you have questions.

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Treats & Reads Resources

How about some fun videos to watch? They're a special Treat!