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Member Advisory Committee (MAC) Member-At-Large

The Member Advisory Committee serves as the connection between the Board of Trustees and the members of the council. As such, MAC members serve as an advisory team providing policy input to the board and operational input to the CEO. 

Interested in becoming a member of the MAC team?
  • Seek input from throughout the council's jurisdiction on matters affecting the council.
  • Provide input, direction, and influence over major policy issues.
  • Shall receive a report of actions from meetings of the Board.
  • Participate in council-wide forums that will provide opportunities for the council's stakeholders to give input to the decision-makers regarding the council's strategic plan, & celebrate achievements.

Take a look at the rest of the responsibilities to be a MAC Member 
& fill out the  candidate profile to join the MAC Team!

Member Advisory Committee Feedback

Your feedback will help Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan grow stronger and better. Please use the space below to tell the board and staff what the council does best for girls, what we should never stop doing and what needs to be improved. Your feedback is a gift for council success! 


Please include your name and contact information if you would like us to contact you.