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Looking for savvy ways to promote Girl Scouts? Use the images below on your own social media pages to excite your friends and family about the Girl Scout program. Just click on the image you want, and then right-click to download.

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You're Invited - Troop Invite
You're Invited - Girl Invite
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Cookies & Treats
Valentine's Day Cards
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  • Fun Fact - Thin Mints
  • Thank You! Hometown Heroes
  • Gluten Free Chocolate.
  • Carmel Owls
  • Mint Penguins
  • Peanut Butter Bears
Thank You Graphics
4x6 Sizes
Thank You - Troop Card
Thank You - Little Hearts Card
Thank You - Big Heart Card
  • Thank You-Flowers
  • Thank You - Yellow Daisies
  • Thank You - Troop
  • Thank You - Troop 2
  • Thank You - Text
  • Thank You - Text Cookies
  • Thank You - Little Hearts
  • Thank You - Little Hearts Cookies
  • Thank You - Big Heart
  • Thank You - Big Heart Cookies
Zoom Backgrounds
Spooky Farmhouse
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  • farmhouse ma and pa
  • farmhouse garden
  • farmhouse storm
  • farmhouse ghost window
  • farmhouse attic ghosts
Postcards & Thank You Cards
Thank You For Supporting My Goal Cards
Thank You - Troop Card
Thank You - Little Hearts Card
Thank You - Big Heart Card
Classic Trefoil Postcard
Caption/Post Ideas

Need some inspiration for what you might write as your caption on social media? We got you! Check out these ideas and prompts:

  • Did you know that Girl Scouts never stopped moving forward when COVID-19 struck? Girl Scouting has shifted, pivoted, adjusted plans – but we’ve continued on. We’ve earned badges virtually, we’ve done community service, we’ve even had our beloved product program. Because girls are worth it, and they need this now more than ever! Do you know a girl who needs Girl Scouts? Are you an adult who wants to be a role model for girls? Visit
  • Girl Scouts change the world. Being a Girl Scout volunteer means the world to me because it means that I am investing my most precious resource, my time, into girls. You should join our Girl Scout sisterhood!
  • Curious what Girl Scouts is like? Join Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan for an amazing, fun event and check it out! Girl Scouts has been a huge part of our family, and we can’t wait to share it with you and yours!
  • Tell a story from your troop meetings
  • Share photos from troop meetings
  • Talk about your “why” – Why YOU volunteer for Girl Scouts