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Become a Girl Scout Juliette

Named after Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, a Girl Scout Juliette is an individual Girl Scout, mentored by a parent or other adult. She is able to build a custom Girl Scouting experience, while enjoying all Girl Scouts has to offer. It is an adventure created for her by her, whenever she wants! Download the Girl Scout Juliette Guidebook!

Get outdoors

 You can get outdoors or go to camp

The possibilities are endless at our overnight, day, and troop camps! She can travel through time, learn new adventurous skills and explore the great outdoors while making new friends along the way. Interested in our marvelous, state of the art camps? 

Travel the country

You can travel the country—maybe even the world

Embark on multicultural adventures! Can you imagine the knowledge, courage, and opportunity she will embrace, traveling into new and unfamiliar lands? Even when close by, traveling is a staple of the Girl Scout experience, enhancing the overall goal of creating girl leaders who are confident and strong.

Explore you interests

 You can explore your interests through series and events


Attend Events

All our event programs are created with the 15 leadership outcomes in mind. Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is building leaders who are going to change the world. Not only will she have fun, your Girl Scout will be able to advocate for herself and others, develop positive and healthy relationships, and become her own moral compass. At Girl Scouts, she’ll lead herself to her very own future with the teachings retained from our noteworthy events.   

Sell Girl Scout cookies

You can sell Girl Scout Cookies (and have fun doing it)

Participation in our product programs allow girls to pay for their own camping, travel, and even membership, truly making this her own adventure. Additionally, she will attain five important skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.    

Hey parents/caregivers, interested in leading her Girl Scout Troop or being her Juliette mentor? 

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